Wayanad, Kalpetta Rental Houses, Flats and Quarters


22) Kalpetta Rent house 10K Ph:91-9747629096

23) Kalpetta Upstair 10K Ph:91-9562720812

24) Kalpetta 12K Furnished Home Ph:91-9562720812

25) Kalpetta Upstair 10K Ground 10K for Rent Ph:91-9562720812

26) Kalpetta independent home 6K Ph:91-9562720812

27) Kalpetta Upstair for Rent 8K Ph:91-9562720812

28) Kalpetta 10K Independent Home for Rent Ph:91-9562720812


21) Kalpetta 7K Apartment for Rent Ph: 91-9747629096

22) Kalpetta 12 K Apartment Ph:91-9747629096

23) Kalpetta 6k Apartment for Rent Ph:91-9747629096

24) Kalpetta 7K Apartment for Rent Ph:91-9747629096

25) Kalpetta 8K Apartment for Rent Ph:91-9747629096

26) Kalpetta 7K Apartment for Rent Ph:91-9747629096

27) Kalpetta 6K Apartment for Rent Ph:91-9747629096

28) Kapetta 10 K Rent Apartment Ph:91-9747629096 

29) Kalpetta 7 K Rent Apartment Ph:91-9562720812

30) Kalpetta 6K Apartment for Rent Ph:91-9562720812

31) Kalpetta 10K Apartment Near City Ph:91-9562720812

35) Kalpetta 8 k courters for Rent Ph:91-9562720812

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Kalpetta 7000 per Month Rent Courters Ph:91-9562720812

Kalpetta 2 phk courters for rent, just 1 km from city, get all facilities near of the courters. Water source is well. Get car parking facilities and bike parking. 500 meter to mosque, church and temple. 7 k is rent rate per month.

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Kalpetta Rental Houses, Flats and Quarters


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1) Kalpetta Rs 6000 Rental Apartment Ph:91-9747629096

2) Kalpetta Rental Apartment 6000 Ph:91-9747629096

3) Kalpetta 15 K Furnished Rental Flat Ph:91-9747629096

4) Kalpetta monthly 4 K rent room Ph:91-9747629096

5) Kalpetta Rent Apartment for Rs 6000 Ph :91-9747629096

6) Kalpetta 8 K Quarters for Rent Ph: 91-9747629O96

7) Kalpetta 5 K Quarters for Bachelors and Family Ph: 91-9747629096

8) Kalpetta 7 K and 6 K Quarters Ph:91-9747629096

9) Kalpetta 7 K Apartment for Rent:91-9747629096

11) Kalpetta 6k Quarters for Rent Ph:91-9747629096

12) Kalpetta 6 K Quarters Ph:91-9747629096

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15 cent plot for sale in Kalpetta Ph: 919562720812

Total 15 + 12+20 =42 cent, 3 lakh per cent, kalpetta emily, 42 cents leval land at 1km from kalpetta town. suitable for house or flats villas et. It will give as a 10 cents or full. 

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