Bounce Rate Google Analytics

bounce rate
Bounce Rate
Bounce rate is the spending time of the visitors to your website. Bounce rate value will calculate on the basis of interaction of your visitors. Google analytics will consider each your visitors whose visit your other webpage of your website. 
Search engine categorized bounce rate in three types
1.    Between 26 to 40 percent   = Excellent
2.    Between 41 to 55 percent   = Average
3.    Between 56 to 70 percent   = High
Excellent Bounce Rate means visitors whose interact more time in your website, they are reading and visiting more than one page when they visit your website. Excellent rate will get on the basis of higher interaction of your each visitor. It will helps to high lead of your sales and other commercial conversion
Average Bounce Rate means some visitors whose interact and visit other webpage, same time some visitors they are not interacting your website. 
High Bounce Rate means most of the visitor they are not interact your website or not clicking other webpage of your website. If you did not make such types of interactive content in your website, you cannot make sales lead or income generation from your website.  

How to check bounce rate in google analytics?
1.    Sign in your google analytics
2.    If you don’t have google analytics account, Click here
3.    Click on the Audience Overview section
bounce rate analytics

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