How to submit sitemap to Google

How to submit sitemap to Google

You have to submit your sitemap on Google search console. Google console name was Webmaster Tools before. It is used for fast submission of your website’s all information Google or indexing to Google search engine. And also it is used to find spam issue, sitemap submission, new Url submission, find speed of your website, remove your old content etc.
1. Login Google Search Console
2. Select the website you want
Select the website from Google console

3. Click on Sitemaps from Index, if you did not create sitemap or xml file, click here: How to generate sitemap for website or how to create sitemap for blogger
Click on sitemaps

4. Here Paste your sitemap file name to add a new sitemap             (Note: You have to give full address if not shown domain property. If shown site property, just give file sitemap file name, eg: sitemap.xml)
Google console xml paste
Google console xml paste and given domain

5. Now you can see your submitted status
how to submit website sitemap

How to create sitemap for website

1. Search on google  “ Sitemap generator for website ‘’ 2. Just paste your website Url on sitemap generator website
sitemaps generator

3. Download the file or Copy paste to Notepad (You have to save xml format on notepad but you can give any file name, ex: sitemap.xml)
sitemap generator code

4. Upload to domain root folder of your website
5. Login Google Search Conslole

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